Stock funds one-day average of 5.68%

market trends

yesterday, fell in both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. As of closing, the composite index closed at 3320.68 points, down 104.65 points, or 3.06%; Shen Chengzhi close at 10915.99 points, down 681.09 points, or 5.87%; hushen 300 closed at 3473.25 points, down 104.45 points, or 2.92%; second Board closing at 2344.74 points, down 166.42 points, down to 6.63%.

two cities sold 1,172,086,000,000, a 29.5% increase in daily volume from the past. Strong market share in small-capitalization stocks. CSI 100-1.03%, CSI 500-6.27%. 28 Shanghai higher level 1 industry in the industry. Among them, banks, building decoration, top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, price,-2.63% and-3.87%, respectively, after machinery equipment, defense, automotive, price-,-6.59%,-7.29%, respectively. 58 the number rose in Shanghai, 5.29%, number 83 in Shenzhen stock market rose 4.7% per cent. In non-ST stocks, 32 stock trading, 857 stocks fell.  3 contracts of stock index futures contract were recorded, of which 2 was better than the spot index.  

yesterday, the total net price of bonds in the inter-bank bond index 0.03%.

yesterday, the European Union market fell, the Dow 0.28% and poor's 500 fell 0.58%; Dow Jones Euro 50-0.2%. Asia-Pacific key markets with the Nikkei 225 index rose 1.91%.


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