Treasure funds show signs of

pursuant to paragraph 27 of China's electronic banking network tracking treasure funds the previous session's settlement data and analysis are as follows:

first of all, judging from the 7th annual return rate, 7th annual yields of more than 4% products has two.  7th annual yields Jingdong slush fund ranked in the top three products (harvest), Jing dong accounts (Peng hua), ECR (e), the 7th year of expected rate of return, and 4.85%, and 3.87%, respectively.  

earnings per million on October 21, and topped each piece of products up to 7, the highest yielding be peace peace peace surplus banks one wallet, 1.6064.  

taken together, the treasure funds for several days, on both yields and the real return, signs of slightly overall.

last month are doing relatively good treasure is Jingdong slush fund of funds products (harvest), for nearly a month at 0.31%. Meanwhile, the past six months, cornucopia better product is the Merchants Bank.



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