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individuals with good credit histories, credit is very favorable. Such as bank loans, the loan interest rate, amount and term there may be some benefits. So, how do you have good personal credit record? Want to have a good personal credit record, may wish to take a look at the following three points:

first, initiative to establish their own credit records do not borrow money from a bank is not equal to credit is good, because the banks have no way to judge your credit status. Active loan with the Bank, the easiest way is, to the Bank for a loan or a credit card.

Second, to get loans and credit cards, you need to follow the Bank's repayment plans, loan and credit card debt in a timely manner. If you don't look out of default, you owe as soon as possible. Otherwise, the late payments will be reflected in your credit report, the adverse impact on your future Bank loans.

three, to care about their credit history in a few special cases, credit report information may be wrong. Once found the mistake your credit record, credit reporting agencies should be provided as soon as possible, correct errors, so as to avoid their adverse effects. Indeed, housing prices, credit is priceless. In order to give the future road of loans adds a smooth, members on weekdays during the loan or using a credit card, be sure to form a good habit in full and on time payments.

in addition, if your carelessness, regular repayment led to forget there are a stain on your credit report, or treading on thin ice as particular concerns. Credit history, after all, is a dynamic process that can destroy, but is doesn't fix the problem. If only you from now on, every payment in full and on time, so over time, after two years of record will automatically eliminate in your credit report.

here we'll explain increase lines of credit skills:

skills: focus, increase the frequency set with the single credit card power cards, best 3 months using a card. Because banks consider when giving a credit card to improve credit, generally taken capsule 3-month card records. So, you must concentrate on using the card, best 3 months using a card.

skills II: everyday situations with credit card amount to close to fulfilment, is auditing the Bank does a credit card have important indicators of increased credit limit. In the view of many factors with daily consumption level was an important factor.

If you apply for credit adjustments when the cardholder uses the credit card, most of the billing cycle, many of the remaining credit limit, then the Bank will assume the credit limit of the card the cardholder use enough, then increase the credit limit will be rejected.

generally speaking, each of the 3 consecutive months consumer credit card meet or exceed the current availability of 50% a 90% (the banks is not the same and cannot be suspected of spending cash), the banking system will take the initiative to improve your credit.

in addition, the interval adjustment credit limit on two occasions at least 6 months, and in October 2014, if you increase the line of credit at a time, so if you want to improve lines, at least until after April 2015 applications.


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