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General conditions of business owners apply for a personal loan requirements

General conditions of business owners apply for a personal loan requirements

now business people more and more, companies are also increasing, many individuals or small business operation process will encounter a lack of cash flow deteriorated situation when applying for a personal loan are reasonable choices.

Bank loan targets a wide range of individual business loans, its organization and diverse. Within the Bank, personal loans and small and micro enterprises (the Ministry for small and micro enterprises have certain defined criteria) loan there are many crossover. We shall not discuss here the difference, was issued in the name of natural persons (that the borrower is a natural person, not corporate) loans for production and business activities is called a personal loan.

major banks have business loans to individuals, such as industrial and commercial bank, China Construction Bank, the agricultural Bank, and so on. Apply for a personal loan, we must first understand their loans. Personal business loan of general application conditions has:

1. years full 18 age, has completely civil capacity of natural;

2. has legal effective identity proved and the household proved;

3. borrowing people has legal points business qualification, can provides individual industrial and commercial households license, and partnership Enterprise license or enterprise corporate license;

4. has good credit records;

5. With a stable source of income and ability to repay the loan in full and on time;

6. to provide legitimate business sites and the specific use of the loans;

7. other relevant provisions and requirements of each bank.



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