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Small and micro enterprise loans should pay attention to two details the three major techniques

Small and micro enterprise loans should pay attention to two details the three major techniques

small and micro enterprises how to improve the success rate of loan application? According to the credit Department of Bank analysis, small business loans at the bank card, there are two issues: one is of a borrower's identity compliance, the second is industry experience and time. "Banks in the corporate loan review borrower identity compliance is a top priority, will directly affect the identity of the Bank is willing to loan. Use of loan funds must also be true. Because once the money has been diverted to other use, the Bank will assume a high risk. Therefore, small and micro business owners apply for loans to be aware of the problem. "This person said.

was blocked by some small business loans have another problem-experience. "Generally speaking is how long did you do this, banks will be based on working years, business registration and information for small and micro business owners for approval. If small business owners are able to provide practical experience in the industry also contributes to business loan approval. For example, a customer has been in the auto parts business, two years ' time, but due to various reasons not to start a company to apply for a business license before this situation as long as the customer provides a comprehensive, substantive proof of experience, also contribute to a loan approval. "This person said.

Bank although limit has small micro-enterprise loan, but small micro-enterprise application Bank loan also is has must of modifications way, small series on for general small micro-entrepreneurs summary has following several method:

1, and to entrepreneurs personal name application loan: many friends will said, if to personal name application loan by get of loan lines not high, but, if entrepreneurs has large assets, like property, and land and the other real estate and so on, with they to loan company application mortgage loan,  You can also get large loans, if good qualifications, credits to 70%-80% of the estimated value of the collateral is not a problem.

2, to apply for specialized business loans: currently, many banks have special small business specialty loan products, such as China Merchants Bank "business loans".  This type of loan product is aimed at the self-employed or small business owner, apply by application and ease than traditional business loans.

3, the loan applicant to UNPROFOR: some banks now offer such loans products, mainly refers to several small businesses voluntarily to form a joint security body and unified to the Bank for a loan, but if a company pay overdue, then other companies to repay liabilities.

Although this method is easy approval, but there is a risk of small business owners need to consider carefully. In addition, if the funds required for small and micro enterprises is not high, or you can apply for unsecured credit, product information rich, simple, formal bank letter on the same day.



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